Ahad Raza Mir and sajal Aly enjoying their long term Honeymoon

Sajal Aly and Ahad raza Mir was on holidays like a honeymoon. They both was on long term Holidays currently Sajal and Ahad not working in any project.

Sajal Ali’s presentation on screen was a persona in one scene of the 2009 Geo television’s parody dramatization Nadaaniyaan. She got acclaim for her flight part inside the 2011 ARY Computerized’s family dramatization Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain.

They have a gigantic fan following. Their fans love to see their dazzling pictures from their own and expert life. Sajal and Ahad shared delightful pictures from their new photoshoot.

Sajal is currently a notable Bollywood entertainer as well. She made her Bollywood debut in 2017 with the film ‘Mother ‘in which she worked with Adnan Siddiqui and Indian diva Sridevi. Sajal got drawn in to notable entertainer of Pakistan Ahad Raza Mir on sixth June of 2019 (second Day of Eid-ul-Fitr).

لائبریری میں صبا قمر کی خوبصورت تصاویر

اقراعزیز اور یاسر حسین بھی منال کی شادی میں تشریف لائے اقرا عزیز نے خود لاکھوں کو جوڑا پہنا اور شوہر کو لنڈے کا سستا سا سوٹ لے دیا بیٹے کی پیدائش کے بعد اقرا مزید سمارٹ ہوگئی میاں بیوی کی نئی تصاویر

صنم جنگ کی خوبصورت تصاویر جو آپ نے پہلے کبھی نہیں دیکھی ہوں گی۔

The beautiful Sajal Ali expresses gratitude for her birthday

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