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Saba Qamar’s new Drama coming out soon She is a different kind of actress and just did it with their own mind. Saba Qamar recently Show interest in getting marry to Azeem Khan in Commenting He commented” This Year will be married” and Saba replied Inshaallah but after 5 days She suddenly announces that she was not interested to Marry with Azeem Khan.

Saba Qamar also mentions that She was met with Azeem the whole life. The fans of Saba Qamar were happy because finally she deicide to start married life at the of 37 but unfortunately it does not happen in reality. Sabar Qamar just focuses on her personal life and working as a model and actor in Industry.

Saba Qamar is quite possibly the most capable Pakistani entertainer who has made her name after steady battle. From Jinnah Kay Naam to Cheekh, she has progressed significantly. Presently, the Baaghi entertainer is considered among the most paid and well known Pakistani entertainers.

Saba Qamar made her acting introduction with a job in the TV successive Mein Aurat Hoon (2005). In 2007, Saba Qamar appeared in ATV’s show sequential Khuda Gawah which was the revamping of 1992 Indian film.

As of late, news has been circling via online media that Saba Qamar has made blogger Azeem Khan her better half and wedded him. Both Saba and Azeem had likewise affirmed this. Yet, out of nowhere today via online media, news comes from Saba Qamar’s true Instagram that she and her better half Azeem Khan have headed out in different directions. What’s more, she additionally sent a major message to her fans.

میں سمارٹ ہونے کے لیے دن میں 12 گھنٹے جم میں گزارے ہے اداکارہ صرحا اصغر کے سمارٹ ہونے کی سفر کی کچھ شاندار تصاویر مجھے ڈانسر بننے کا شوتھا اور میرے شوق نے مجھے پتلا کروادیا

لائبریری میں صبا قمر کی خوبصورت تصاویر

اقراعزیز اور یاسر حسین بھی منال کی شادی میں تشریف لائے اقرا عزیز نے خود لاکھوں کو جوڑا پہنا اور شوہر کو لنڈے کا سستا سا سوٹ لے دیا بیٹے کی پیدائش کے بعد اقرا مزید سمارٹ ہوگئی میاں بیوی کی نئی تصاویر

صنم جنگ کی خوبصورت تصاویر جو آپ نے پہلے کبھی نہیں دیکھی ہوں گی۔

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