Uroosa Bilal and Bilal Qureshi Family Iconic Pictures on Eid Ul Adha

Uroosa Bilal is the most innocent and iconic personality actress of the Pakistan Showbiz Industry. She leaves to the showbiz World after marrying with Bilal Qureshi and they both are living happy life Recently They got a New Son and Now They have 2 sons both are looking cute same as their parents.

Bilal Qureshi’s new Drama becomes the Popular Drama of the Industry He got fame from a Drama Munaif working with Adeel Chaudhary and Fatima Effendi. Bilal and Uroosa both are co-star They also maintain their Family YouTube Channel look some Eid Pictures of Uroosa Bilal and Bilal Qureshi with Family.

Uroosa’s dress was from Alizeh Design Textures. Bilal Qureshi and his children’s dresses were from Pensy Articles of clothing. The photos are immaculately caught by Next page creations. Bilal Qureshi and Uroosa Bilal wished Eid to their fans by sharing these invigorating family pictures.

Uroosa Qureshi and Bilal Qureshi brought forth their subsequent child. What’s more, to introduce their second kid to the world, the family by and by wore a similar garments and had a critical photoshoot. Also, two or three has named their second child Romaan Qureshi.

Uroosa began her showbiz vocation as a model. She has strolled for some style originators on the runways of many design shows. They additionally worked for some TV ads. Subsequent to turning into a decent model, she ventured to the acting profession.

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